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The Agfa Record III is a 120 film folding camera, 6x9 format, built
between 1952 and 1955. The camera was launched in 1951 as Agfa Billy Record III and re-baptized in 1952. It features an uncoupled rangefinder. The camera was available with 2 different 4.5/105mm lenses, a standard Apotar and a better Solinar with a better Synchro Compur shutter. It's the last Agfa camera for 6x9 format.

The model presented features the better Solinar lens and has double exposure prevention.

Size (mm): 162 x 98 x 43
Weight: 707 g
Lens: Solinar 4.5/105, closest focus 1 m
Shutter: Compur Rapid, B T 1 - 1/500, F 4.5 - 32
Finder: uncoupled rangefinder
Film advance: via red window

Here are some photos of the camera. There is a short introduction to the use of it and how it feels at the bottom of the page.

Camera front closed. Top: viewfinder and rangefinder windows
, stand.

Seen from the back. Top: view/rangefinder eyepiece. Red windows with lever towards the bottom.

Seen from above. Film wind, opening button, accessory shoe, focussing wheel, shutter release with cable release socket and double exposure prevention, depth-of-the-field scale..

Seen from the bottom.  Tripod socket.

Camera front open. Folds sideways. On the lens barrel: synchro setting and flash socket.

Left of the lens: distance setting, shutter cocking lever. Center: speed setting and self timer. Under the lens: aperture setting.

Unfolded, seen from the bottom.

Unfolded, seen from the top.

Camera on its stand in portrait mode.

Seen from the right side.

Film chamber. The feeding spool sits in a hinged cradle.

Original leather case.

Case open, can be used as ready case.

Handling an Agfa Record III
is easy, it's just like other folding cameras. Loading film is fine, the feeding spool sits in a hinged cradle. Open the camera back, retract the film advance knob and put the take-up spool into place. For the film spool swing the cradle out. Insert the film paper backing into the take-up spool and advance it using the advance knob until it's well engaged. Close the camera back. Advance the film via the advance knob until the red window shows "1".
Open the camera.
Cock the shutter, set speed and aperture. Set focus by turning the wheel on the camera top, the rangefinder wheel will indicate the distance. Transfer the result to the lens, focussing only moves the front of the lens. Look through the view/rangefinder again, frame and press the shutter release. That's it. To close the camera, press the hinges of the strurs, it will fold easily whatever distance is set. Turn the film advance knob until the next number is shown in the red window. Doing this will release the double exposure prevention.

Agfa Record III is a nice top range 6x9 camera, easy to use, with an extremely good lens and an advanced shutter. It lacks automatic film advance. It's a very nice camera, there are few 6x9 rangefinders. It's lightweight. A good choice if you don't want to spend too much money.

Agfa Record III
162 x 98 x 43NC
RWSolinar 4.5/105 | 1
Synchro Compur B T 1 - 1/500 | 32