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The Fujifilm GA645Wi Professional Series (generally referred to as Fuji GA645Wi) is a 120 film rangefinder camera, 4.5 x 6 format, released in 1997 by Fujifilm Co, Minami-Ashigara, Kanagawa.

The Fuji GA645Wi is a very late model for a 120 film camera. It is fully automatic: film advance, focusing, metering, just everything. It has an extremely good rangefinder with parallax correction, and, of course, a wonderful super wide angle lens, 28mm equivalent.

Size (mm): 166 x 119 x 70
Weight: 820 g
Lens: Super EBC Fujinon 4/45, closest focus 0.7 m
Shutter: B,  2 - 1/700, F 4 - 22
Finder: autofocus rangefinder, parallax compensated
Film advance: automatic spooling

Here are some photos of the camera. As it's a 4.5 x 6, you have to turn the camera by 90 for ordinary landscape format. There is a short introduction to the use of it and how it feels at the bottom of the page.

Camera front, lens retracted. Top: shutter release button, flash, range/viewfinder window. In the middle: second shutter release
button. Bottom: manual focus button.

Camera with shade and its lid.

Lid retracted. The shade is
an imoportant accessory. Wide angle lenses are prone to flare if hit by strong light from either side.

Seen from the back. Top: Viewer, mode selector and unlock botton, data button, self-timer button, flash-up button.

Seen from the bottom. Battery compartment (2x CR123)
, tripod socket.

Seen from above. Hot shoe, LCD display, from front: shutter button, manual focus button and exposure compensation button, up/down wheel .

Camera on, lens extended.

Camera back open.

Film chamber. Note the little red buttons that liberate the pegs, similar to a plaubel makina.

Camera with GA flash attached. The flash has a guide number of 24 (100 ISO), the double of the built-in flash (GN 12). The flash is electronically controlled with 2 auto settings, but doesn't communicate with the camera (nor does the built-in one). So you can use any other brand as well. But keep in mind that the flash should cover the portrait orientation of the camera. The GA flash does, even if it doesn't look like a portrait orientated one. In P setting with some light available, the camera might choose slow speed and not fire the flash at all. So if you want perfect flash results, choose A or M mode. The flash has a manual mode and a slave mode.

Seen from the side.

Seen from the front.

The flash can be oriented to indirect flashing, 45 shown, 90 possible as well.

Flash detached.

It's quite small.

Handling a 
Fuji GA645Wi is very, very easy, it's like an electronic camera. Loading film is very easy as well because of the little red buttons that liberate the pegs. Open the camera back and put the film roll into place. Same procedure for the take-up spool. Insert the film paper backing into the spool and advance it using up/down wheel (it turns the spool with a motor) and let it make 3-5 turns. No need to look fot the start arrow. Close the camera back. When you switch on the camera, it will spool automatically.

Switch the camera on. P-mode is the full automatic mode. Look through the finder and aim the subject to focus. Press the shutter release button half-way down. Compose your picture, if everything is o.k., press the shutter release down. That's it. The film advances itself to the next picture. There is an AE (aperture priority) and a manual mode.

The camera has any help a photographer would want. The frame in the finder has parallax compensation. In manual mode the exposure sytem acts as a light meter. There is easy exposure compensation. Via the wheel you can shift speed/aperture combinations easily. It has manual focus if necessary. And it can even print data on the border of the film, not in the image area.

A scan of a negative with a part of the border.

The border area (lower paart missing due to my scanner). It indicates that the photo was taken the 22nd of march 2019, P-mode, F 6.7, 1/180s, AF (autofocus) mode. Very handy.

Fujica GA645Wi is a very nice, a bit bulky camera, very easy to use. It still fits into a large coat pocket. Handling is fluid and logic. The lens gives phantastic results, the metering systems are excellent. There isn't much choice for a pocketable wide angle 120 film camera. This one is just phantastic. Don't mind the plastic toy look, the plastic saves a lot of weight and the camera is sturdy nevertheless. It's a nice advance to old folders. I like it a lot.

Fuji GA 645Wi820166 x 110 x 70AFMotorSuper EBC Fujinon 4/45 | 0,7B 2 - 1/700 | 22AE, flash,auto 1st frame

An imoportant accessory: the shade. Wide angle lenses are prone to flare if hit by strong light from either side.

Seen from the front.